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North East

The North East of England can produce some of the best shore fishing found anywhere around the British Isles on it's day.  The coast line from the mouth of the Tees river down to Whitby offers a variety of different types of shore fishing from easy fishing on piers and jetties to the more strenuous activity of climbing down cliff faces using ropes to access the fishing marks below!

North of the Tees up to Northumberland the main marks are the 'Blast' beach at Seaham and most of the beaches along this stretch of coast line. This is an area where a lot of coal was mined and the beaches were always covered in (sea coal). This made the sea very dark and murky, this along with some nice steep beaches made it a haven for the Cod and Whiting etc in the winter. Sunderland like Hartlepool has a pier, Hartlepool has a few but they are dropping into disrepair.

The pier at Sunderland can be a very good shot to fish from but can very dangerous in high seas. A few unfortunately have lost their lives fishing from there.  A few have lost their lives over the last couple of years fishing from the cliff tops, which isn't recommended unless you have some local knowledge.
The winter time fishes far better for the likes of Cod and Whiting, which are the mainstay over the winter months, starting normally in October through to possibly April depending on what sort of weather has been experienced over those months.  The summer throws up the usual species of Mackerel and the likes.  Bass fishing is becoming more and more prevalent along this part of the coast as it seems to grab the imagination of the local anglers.

You can have a look at this website if you fancy a bit of Whitby Sea Fishing, packed with information about the coastline, charter boats, accommodation, tackle shops and much more, well worth a look.


Redcar Angling Centre - Sea Fishing Baits - Established 1982

Redcar Angling Centre is owned and managed by Denise Waring and John Waring.   This is a family run business and Denise and John's sons Richard and Johnathan assist in the shop giving sound friendly advice to all would be anglers.

Although their shop is fully kitted out with all makes of fishing tackle they also have a vast range of frozen & fresh sea fishing baits including the now famous 'crab cart'!  This is one bait that has been a well kept secret in the N/east, especially around the Whitby area for over ten years now and is rated by the locals to be thee Top Cod bait on it's day.

Fresh Sea Bait:
Black Lug - Yellow Tails - Peeler Crab - Blow Lug - Ragworm

Frozen Sea Bait:
Black Lug - Squid - Sand Eel - Peeler Crab - Mackerel - Razor Fish - Crab Cart.

You can simply visit the shop where you will be greeted with a warm welcome and sound and friendly advise or contact them on the details below.


Tel: 01642 474006


159 High Street East
Cleveland   TS10 3AN

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